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Lamekatuse ehitus - lamekatusetööd

Roof construction

OÜ Evari Ehitus specialises on building flat roofs.

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Katuste soojustus - soojustustööd

Roof insulation

OÜ Evari Ehitus insulates existing and new flat roofs.

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Profiilpleki paigaldus - paigaldustööd

Installation of load, bearing sheets

OÜ Evari Ehitus installs load-bearing sheets.

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Katusepollarid, julgestustrossid - paigaldustööd

Installation of roof bollards

OÜ Evari Ehitus installs roof bollards.

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Katuse remont - remonditööd - renoveerimine, rekonstrueerimine

Roof renovation

OÜ Evari Ehitus renovates flat roofs.

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Lamekatuste ülevaatus ja hooldus

Inspection and maintenance of roofs

OÜ Evari Ehitus performs inspection and maintenance of existing flat roofs and removal of excessive snow.

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Hüdroisolatsioonitööd - vundament, katus


OÜ Evari Ehitus performs waterproofing works.

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Insulation of foundations is one of the main areas of activity of OÜ Evari Ehitus

Insulation of foundations and basement walls

OÜ Evari Ehitus insulates foundations and basement walls of buildings.

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Marmoroc fassaadikatted

Marmoroc facades

OÜ Evari Ehitus sells Marmoroc façade covering systems.

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Our clients about us

OÜ Evari Ehitus is a long-term cooperation partner of AS EF Rand ja Tuulberg. They are professionals in their field who offer reliable solutions and high-quality work. They also keep their promises, are flexible and forward-looking in bringing solutions to life.

Taivo Täht – Executive Manager of AS Ehitusfirma Rand&Tuulberg
Taivo Täht – Executive Manager of AS Ehitusfirma Rand&Tuulberg

Evari Ehitus consists of professionals in their field. From competent offers to finished roofs, cooperation is always smooth with the efficient team. And most importantly – there are no compromises with respect to quality and occupational safety.

Tarmo Roos – Construction Director of AS Maru Ehitus
Tarmo Roos – Construction Director of AS Maru Ehitus

I have worked with Evari on quite a few projects and for quite a long time. Above all, I respect Evari and its employees for their pleasant attitude, high competence and for keeping their word. These three characteristics are the reason why I have decided in the favour of your company in case of similar prices. I must to admit that I don’t remember a single case where we would have been forced to deal with quality problems on a roof constructed by Evari.
You are good and we surely dare to recommend you to other potential clients.

Priit Jaagant – Manager of OÜ Mapri
Priit Jaagant – Manager of OÜ Mapri

Men who value accuracy and quality and respect the promises made and agreements concluded. What they promise, they do, what they cannot do, they won’t promise.

Toomas Toompuu – Chairman of Board of OÜ BauEst
Toomas Toompuu – Chairman of Board of OÜ BauEst

Evari Ehitus is one of the few roofing companies who we always take quotations from for every construction project. Evari has built many roofs for our projects. To characterise Evari, we can say: true to their word and operating properly. Delivering promised works by the promised deadline and with high quality matters to them. It is always nice to communicate with the whole team. Conclusively, a properly operating company with a positive attitude that I would certainly recommend to other contractors.

Alar Jõgi – Board Member of AS Ehitustrust
Alar Jõgi – Board Member of AS Ehitustrust

Roof bulding – Evari Ehitus OÜ